Money  By: DarkStriker

Money is what you need to upgrade your armour and weapons to defeat GodBeasts.  Money can be earned by entering into Monster Blade to get your daily reward or you can complete areas to get some. A really great way is to go to Events and fight the Golden Dodobo. Also, there's a chance of encountering the Golden Dodobo in the wild. Here are a few tips how to earn money fast.   

Earning Money

You can sell junk items. The golden dodobo egg is worth 1000 gold!

  1. Completing hard areas would be hard, but with a lot of patients, youll be rich in no time!
  2. Wait for the common treasure place to get to 100 or alot. Theres lots of good junk!
  3. Like I said before, fight the Golden Dodobo.

Saving up your money is great too so you wont have to worry about upgrading 5-star equipment. 
Screenshot 2013-06-11-16-22-11

Encountering a Golden Dodobo in the wild!